Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Hardest Post

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring - it was peace" Milan Kundera

On the 3rd of September we had to say goodbye to Bailey,  It was far too soon and we weren't ready but sometimes that is the way of Goodbyes.....................they break your heart.

We adopted Bailey from Dumfries and Galloway Rescue Centre almost five years ago. She was the smallest basset we had ever seen, indeed we have still not met a basset so small.

Strange that such a small dog can leave the biggest hole.

 Bailey did have some of the basset traits that had led to her coming in to rescue - according to her previous owner she 'didn't  do a thing she was told'. Whilst it was true she could be stubborn and wilful she was also, without a doubt, the most fun loving wee dog. She was playful, affectionate and adorable.

Make no mistake Bailey knew she was adorable and responded to the inevitable 'oohs and aahs' of the people she met. She adored children and could be the most gentle of dogs in their company.

We haven't posted on our blog for the longest time but it somehow felt right that there should be a post on here to say Goodbye to Bailey.

RIP sweetheart xxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

We Enter the Hall of Fame!

We would like to say a great big Thank you to Hilary Rose at Genista Pawtraits for our lovely pastel Pawtrait.
We were thrilled to be a winner in her Give-a-way contest and very excited about having our very own Pawtrait!

We are so excited to be entering our very own family Hall of Fame!
Ok so this is in the garden but we had reflections in the Conservatory!

As you can see from our first effort, part us and part conservatory. We are both looking serious because having your Pawtrait painted is a very serious business and we took advice from the Queen!
We are sure you will agree that Hilary has done an excellent job and we are barking with pleasure. On the advice of the Queen we decided it was best to be formal and not look too pleased......! It doesn't do you know.....

We believe we are now looking the best in the conservatory gallery. Here are a few others in our gallery! This is a pencil portrait of  some basset we don't actually know but looked a lot like Harry at the time so although he started life as a card he ended up framed! It can be quite dangerous looking like a cute basset you know. We find some humans can't resist.
Note the serious expression - just right for a Pawtrait.
Here is Harry, our basset predecessor, looks a bit of a grumpy old dog if you ask us!
Harry also manages to adopt a formal pose!

And lastly here is a picture from the olden days that is in our gallery, our human is looking younger we have to say. She has Petra, much loved GSD for 14 years. Petra arrived as a tiny little pup and according to our human brothers was the best dog ever!  We choose to ignore that!
You can also see Mouschi, much loved cat for over twenty years who started her life in a rubbish skip!

We are the only ones to have an actual Pawtrait!

We are thrilled as you can see having pictures of your pets means you can remember them forever.
We will treasure our pastel pawtrait  - be sure and visit Hilary's blog. Coming up to Xmas you might just get an idea for the perfect gift - a forever memory.

Thank you Hilary.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

On a positive note..................

 We decided to show you some of the nicer things about our derelict house 
 whilst our humans concentrate on the wet rot!
We have some beautiful roses we are trying very hard to save from the skip!

 There are lots of humans who like to cycle all around the peninsula, we are not at all sure why as there are some very steep hills that our car can hardly get up!

 There is a lovely little working Victorian pier nearby so we can watch the world come and go.

In the meantime we are happy to be still at home!

Enjoying the garden, still guarding the bridge and Bailey still managing to avoid the camera.

We are still chasing the deer of course and our human is still chasing us chasing them. This lovely little quilted wall hanging was a pressie from our friend Angela who apologises that the dog is not a basset! That's Ok cos we love it!  Thank you Angela we are going to hang it on the wall of our new house, well once we have walls!

Our last positive note is the humans have one room nearly ready, see all the new joists - can't wait for the floor and the new windows! Can life get more exciting.....

The absent basset babes signing off for now....................!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

No Place Like Home

The weekend started so well, I was dozing beside the fire, snug as a bug in a  rug.
I was having pleasant basset dreams of meeting my ideal basset - short, blonde and handsome  with a sense of humour of course! Hopefully he will have lots and lots of bonios.

The morning arrived and Martha was reluctant to come in from the garden - the humans were packing up the car.
It could only mean one thing - work!
We like our weekends to stay the same, snoozing, walking and eating - we don't want work.
The humans refused to take No for an answer, saying it would be too long for us in the house - we didn't think so.
Off we went down at the ramshackle house exciting new house project. I had my tools and began lifting the floors!

I began stripping off most of the walls, floor and ceiling with no help from Martha!
Martha didn't like it! Not one little bit! (Sorry the human used to read The Cat in the Hat every single night at one time in her life!) We tried to rip up the floors, walls and ceiling quietly but it was no use.

Soon we had a huge pile outside the house!

And nothing much on the inside!  Who would like to live in a house like this? The humans are trying to tell us that we are removing wet rot, rewiring, plumbing in central heating radiators, showers, toilets etc but really...............we don't care!!

They actually expected us little bassets to put all their rubbish in this big skip! Surely this has to be a job for humans!  We had to make a stand! When the going gets tough ............the tough need to get going.......

Come on Martha, time for a walk,I am fed up with all this renovation work - now watch your paws on all these stones!

One of our humans tried to pretend this was fun and looked for a stick to throw! Well Martha felt sorry for him as he is getting pretty old and stiff! Can you imagine how stupid looking for a stick when he has millions of them from tearing the house apart the exciting renovation!

No way was I playing any of their stupid games..............sometimes I think they think we are dumb animals!

Is it time to go home now? 

We feel sure you will agree that home is where the heart is! We will try that trick in the Wizard of Oz, both clicking our paws together now and barking "there's no place like home" - not sure if it works without the red shoes. 

Hurrah it did work! Thank you Bailey, you always know just what to do!

More of our renovation nightmare exciting developments to follow...............two very tired and hungry bassets signing out.................

(NB pics not this weekend when we have soaring UK temperatures and Martha & Bailey have been given some time off!)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Busy Busy Bassets!

As our Facebook friends know we have been very busy.  For our Blogger only friends we will explain.We have bought a
new house which is derelict  an exciting renovation project. This is the front garden and the humans think
that will explain why we have bought it! It cost a few bonios and frankly we would rather have eaten them.
This is the view looking up the Loch across the road from our derelict exciting new home.
This is us taking a break from our hard work and having a good sniff.
As you will see there are a lot of stones and sand!
Sometimes I wonder if Martha has ever heard of personal space!
They have put a sofa inside for us to try and make us happier but as you can see  it hasn't worked.
This very old stone lady with no clothes on stands in the front garden, one  of our humans wanted to put it in the skip but you know what our other human is like - yes she loves it and wants to clean it up! We need a fence and gate to keep us safe in the garden so we have our leads on.

The new house is derelict in need of complete modernisation, so don't worry we are not living in it! We are visiting every weekend and Bailey is working hard, Martha is just moping any time she is inside the house but better outside.
So we are thinking we might use our blog to keep a record of our renovation work! We expect you will be as bored as us  
are still only able to post once in a while due to having humans with poor time management.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Reservoir Dogs!

I decided it was time for a walk around our local reservoir, this is always a popular, if cold and windy walk!

Martha and the human inspected how the tree removal was progressing - you couldn't walk up this path in January for fallen trees.

There were other dogs who had had the same idea, Martha was too busy to chat!

I of course always has time to stop and say Hello!
Well, unless I get a sniff of something more interesting then I'm off......!

We put together a few video clips which come to a sudden end as our computer keeps crashing! We had to 'mute' the video clips and add music due to the wind noise although it doesn't look so windy in the video - trust us, it was!

We did have a surprise encounter at the end and were delighted to think we may be meeting up with one of our pals................but alas it was not to be!

Posted by Bailey, with a little help from her friends xxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Still Here & Still Crazy!

A wee catch up - sorry we have not been around and our blog was offline due to the human mucking up our blog background! The storms in Scotland have nearly blown our house down - we are very short of tall trees now! Thank goodness we did not build the house out of straw or we would be gone! We are still a bit mucked up with the background but working on it - you just can't get the right human for the right job these days! Our own humans are becoming a bit of a trial!

This is me waiting for Bailey, this seems to be more and more of a theme these days as she still takes off after the deer - sometimes I follow but sometimes I decide not to bother!

We are still having plenty of walks - naked whilst the humans have layers of clothing on!

Martha's happy if crazy face

Thank you so much for all the lovely Xmas cards we received, we were very touched so many of you thought of us.

We are still trying to visit as many blogs as time allows but once again we rely on

human help and it one excuse after another! We reckon these humans over complicate their lives somewhat.

Take care everybloggie xx